p2gStereoStage 1.6.0


From www.proggies2go.org comes p2gStereoStage, the world's first "multi-everything" 3D stereoscopic media player for the World Wide Web. Easily combine different types of audio-visual source media in unified, polished shows to play anywhere, at any size. From a single stereo image all the way to a full-blown cinematic 3D extravaganza with hundreds of scenes: Let p2gStereoStage handle your 3D stereo display on the web.

Multi-Media: Plays still images, animated images, video streams, and audio in a variety of configurations. "Mix and match" 3D/2D visuals and audio.

Multi-Source: Opens JPG, JPS, PNG, and GIF images / FLV Flash video / MP3 audio files. 3D stereo visuals can be side-by-side (cross-eyed or parallel) and KMQ-style over-under arrangements. Supports HTTP pseudo streaming of Flash video; Perl server script and meta data injector included in distro.

Multi-Format: Shows stereo media in a variety of popular 3D stereoscopic formats: 24 anaglyph flavors, row- and column interlaced displays (field-reversible), parallel and cross-eyed freeviewing, KMQ over-under views, time-for-space animation. Additionally, there is a facility to match the display colors to whatever filter lenses the audience may care to use.

Multi-Sound: Arrange MP3 audio on "smart" soundtracks. Audio streams are mixed live, as the show plays, to create a dense movie-like sound canvas. "Smart" means, the audio can be configured to deliver a consistent mood accross entire blocks of scenes – whether the show plays in a linear fashion, or the user bounces around different scenes. "Smart" sound turns a simple photo album – stereoscopic or not – into a full blown cinematic extravaganza.

Multi-Color: The user interface of p2gStereoStage has different built-in color schemes that can be activated with just one setup parameter. In other words, you don't have to spoil your elaborate page design with an "off" color, e.g. like proggies2go.org orange- you can match the applet's UI to your site.

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